Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Expected Price, Release Date and Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most awaited smartphone in the market from the company. The reason behind the anticipation and expectations from the Note 4 is that the Galaxy S5 disappointed the users with its plastic body and now other companies are also giving the Samsung a stiff competition in order to get success.

Although the Samsung has seen a declining sales graph, but the records are still untouched. And, if the Note 4 turns into a success, the Samsung could see the glory days yet again.

Galaxy Note 4 by Samsung
Galaxy Note 4 by Samsung.

The market is full of rumors about the price, release date and specification of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and here is an overview of all the above mentioned things with utmost accuracy.

Will the Note 4 feature a 4k display and metal body?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 had the screen resolution of 1080x1920p and the quality was out of the league. This time also the Samsung is planning to provide a world-class 5.9 inch display which is only 0.2 inches bigger than that of Galaxy Note 3 with a screen resolution of 4k. Now, if it becomes true, then I guess there won’t be any looking back for Samsung.

On the body material front, the Samsung have to change the plastic because if they don’t, then it won’t be easy for the company to survive in the market. While the Note 4 is definitely expected to feature an aluminum case, the last launched Galaxy S5 is also launching its new version with metal body called Galaxy S5 Prime.

Note 4 will have one of the best cameras in the market!

The smartphones are now the best options to capture the images instead of expensive cameras. And, with the rise in technology the smartphone are getting better and better in this segment.

By keeping the market trends in mind, the Samsung is also planning to put on a great show with Note 4 as it is rumored to have a whooping 20.7 MP rear and 5 MP front camera to make your selfie best in every aspect.

Will it be fast enough?

The Galaxy S5 got the fastest processor available in the market, that is, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 with 2 GB RAM. Now that the Galaxy Note 3 already had the 3 GB RAM, then it’s very much in sight that the Note 4 will get Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 with 4 GB Ram clocking @ 3 GHz speed.

Now that is really fast I guess.

Battery won’t be an issue anymore with massive on-board storage

The evergreen issue of fast battery drainage of the smartphone has got the eye of Samsung and to solve this problem the company has to think something out of the box which not only should long last, but must give it an edge over others as well.

And, the pioneer of technology has almost agreed to provide a 3600 mAh battery which I guess will be sufficient enough for your timeless internet and gaming usages on the daily basis.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Also, the on-board storage or internal memory will be re-defined after the launch of Note 4. The additional MicroSD card wouldn’t be required anymore as the Galaxy Note 4 is all set to offer massive 128 GB of space in it.

What about the features?

Samsung is known to provide the most outstanding features in its smartphone and this time also the history will repeat itself. The waterproof and dustproof display will be the thing of the past as they have been featured in Galaxy S5.

To get its user base and triumph days back, the Samsung is planning to launch some extra-ordinary features and the most talkative in that is handwriting recognition.

With this feature, the Note 4 will do as you’ve written on its screen using the S-pen. For example, if you’ve written open camera, then the Note 4 will get unlocked by itself and the camera will be turned on for your use. Now, tell me isn’t it extra-ordinary?

The other feature in Galaxy Note 4 may include the eye scrolling, hand gesture movement, biometric retina security and others.

What will be the expected price?

The Galaxy Note 4 series is one of the most expensive series in the market and the features/specification deserve that much according to me. In the case of Galaxy Note 4, the expected price is around US $ 700 or INR 45,000. But, the price may vary with the country as the service providers like 3 mobile, AT&T may provide you some offers to make it the best deal for your pocket.

When it’s getting launched?

The market is full of disputed rumors over the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and nothing can be said until the company executives confirm anything.

Still, if we take a look at the history of Note series launching date, then it’s very much clear that the Note 4 will be uncovered sometime during the September-October in the 2nd half of the year.

This is also the time when the other big companies like LG, Google, Apple and Sony are planning to launch some of their high-end gizmos.


The Samsung is undoubtedly the crownless king of market till now, but as the sales graph is continuously declining, it’s mandatory for the smartphone giant to come up with something like show-stopper.

The Galaxy Note 4 is surely the next big thing from the Samsung and the company has to put all its efforts to make this phablet a hit. Now, if we look at all the rumors or almost confirmed specifications of the Galaxy Note 4, then it’s clear that if the marketing goes right for Samsung, then the Note 4 will race out all its opponents with any real difficulty.

But, as for now, everything is just a speculation, we just have to wait and see what actually Samsung offers with its next big thing called Galaxy Note 4.

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  1. Richard Yarrell says

    Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note product line period.

    They made this category prominent today and nothing inside of three years have stepped up to the plate to even come close to the Galaxy Note.

    At the end of the day all the rest of the manufacturers are pretenders in this category customers already know nothing else matters period.

  2. Purple says

    I personally cant wait for the iphone 6. A phone doesnt need a 4K screen. You cant tell the difference between 720P & 1080P until you start looking at displays larger than 32″.
    Its overkill. Now the camera tho… thats dope as all hell. That might sway me but maybe not. I just want that middle ground size. Notes are too big for me.

    • Daniel says

      Lol. Look at Galaxy S3 and then Galaxy Note 3 and tell me there is no difference in screen quality?

    • anonymous says

      Some of us aren’t blessed with perfect eyesight and can’t see the iPhones with their puny little screens. The notes are perfect size for frequent emails, videos and even writing reports. You can’t do all that on a iPhone or smaller galaxy phone.

  3. Riya khurana says

    Samsung will opt some new design for the Note 4 as Note 3 because it failed to impress the consumers by its faux leather plastic. Note 4 will supposed to have metallic design to attract the consumers.
    Galaxy Note 4 will be available in 5.9 inch QHD display which gives 2560x1440px resolution. It will surely come with increased size, thinner bezel and new advanced YOUM technology

  4. Abhishek says

    Well written man!
    But dont you think a camera of 20 Mp is too much for smartphone like galaxy note 4

  5. michael says

    I still have my note2 and its a great smart phone, note3 looks dam good, note4 should be bloody awesome.
    My next phone !

  6. Ray says

    “The smartphones are now the best options to capture the images instead of expensive cameras.”
    Not if you are after better, low noise pictures. All smartphones have a very small sensor, and in order to get all those pixels onto it, they have to be very tiny and packed together. This is a recipe for a tremendous amount of noise. No smartphone can compare to an “experience” camera.

  7. Wanda says

    I left the iPhone for Samsung galaxy S3 and I’m have enjoyed so far. Now I am ready to move on to the next best thing. Sounds like the note 4 is it!

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